Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a LinkNet IRC Operator?
IRC Operators are chosen by the server administrator. You may check the servers MOTD to see if they are accepting any operators.

How long has the LinkNet project been going?
The LinkNet Project was originally started in 1999 after some thoughts were brought up about security on an irc server. Server to server and client to server encryption was not yet implemented until late 2000 early 2001.

I've noticed a lot of splits some days and few others, what is going on?
Due to the constant development put forth into the LinkNet ircd we are forced to upgrade servers often. Until we feel our ircd is 100% secure and stable and we have added the requested features there might be occasional splits. Sorry for this inconvience.

Can I run a server for LinkNet?
Possibly, please fill out our server application and we will contact you with our decision.

Is your IRCD source code available to the public?
Not at the moment. But it will be when we feel we have reached a stable version.

What does host mangling do? How do I use it?
Host mangling basically takes your hostname and mangles it so that your ip address is hidden from the public. For example if user Blah's host was and he was to mangle his host it would appear as making his hostname unresolvable to an ip address. This can easily be done with /mode <your nickname> +h or if you are using mIRC and would like to have your host automatically mangled each time you connect you can push ALT+R and then enter in the following text: on 1:CONNECT: { mode $me +h }. (Note: Our next ircd version has support for hashed based hostname mangling to properly ensure unique, mangled hostnames for clients.)

What about additional channel modes? How would I set those and what do they mean?
Linknet has a few additional channel modes that are available for users. We will first take a look at /mode #yourchannel +H whenever enabling this feature the respective channel will only accept users that have issued the command /mode +h on themselves. Another channel mode that could come in handy for an invite only channel is /mode #yourchannel +I * (by we mean your entire host mask, or partial with an *. in front of it), when setting this channel mode on a certain ip it basically allows anyone from that ip to join an invited only channel. This can be good and bad, so please use caution whenever setting this channel mode.

What is the point of encryption if some users don't connect securely?
LinkNet is a public network and will always remain one. Therefore we are open to all forms of IRC users and feel as though they should have the right to connect securely or insecurely. We have implemented a +S channel mode to solve this problem. All users in a +S channel must be connected securely or they can't join the channel. This ensures all text/data in a channel can be secure by not having a non-encrypted client connection sending/receiving non-encrypted text/data. Making a channel +S is as simple as doing /mode #channel +S

Who runs LinkNet?
LinkNet is run by a centralized committee that maintains and monitors the network, while the server admins and opers run each server.

Are there ChanServ/OperServ/NickServ/MemoServ services on LinkNet?
There are not, nor will there ever be any of these services on LinkNet. All these services require logging of information that we feel would be unsecure. In addition to logging, the Linknet founders envision a more traditional irc network where channels and nicknames are not capable of being reserved by the users. Users will be able to hold their channels with eggdrop bots if they wish as long as the server the client is connected to allows eggdrops and the eggdrops are not used for war/takeover purposes.

How do I connect to LinkNet securely?
Try reading the LinkNet forums and if that doesn't help try asking in #help for more assistance.

I want an eggdrop to be able to join my +S channels, so how can I get eggdrop to connect securely?
You can find some nicely coded ssl patches for eggdrop coded by HoE at

How do I connect a windrop bot to LinkNet using SSL?
Though we have not yet confirmed that this works here is an interesting link provided by gaker that might work out.

What does "SSL only enabled channel!" mean?
This means that you need to connect to LinkNet using an SSL encrypted client. This can be done depending on the client that you are using. Check out for more details.

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