Why LinkNet

We know you have some questions about Linknet and this little FAQ will answer some of those questions that may come to mind. Before we start we would like to thank you for visiting our website. So without anymore boring speeches, time for the FAQ...

Why should I make LinkNet my new IRC home?
Our network has shown above average stability in our testing. Our administrative committees maintain decorum and display a high level of organization that is only expected from a professional network like LinkNet. Questions as well as comments are always welcome by our administrators and operators. Since LinkNet is an international network, someone will almost always be around to answer any questions you might have. Linknet also offers encryption services for our clients. We were one of the first networks to utilize server to server encryption as well as client to server encryption. Privacy is our main concern for our users and we strive to increase that level of privacy.

I see you claim to use encryption on your servers. Is there any kind of security on your network for the average user?
LinkNet uses two methods of encryption. First, each server has the ability to connect to other servers using an encrypted link. The servers can be backwards compatible with older, non-encrypted servers. The encryption is established using a doubly-encrypted RSA public/private key pair to generate an encrypted session key. The cipher used is the Adavanced Encryption Standard's Rijndael cipher. The Rijndael cipher is a block cipher that allows the use of variable length keys and variable length blocks. The lengths can be 128, 192, or 256 bits. Secondly, LinkNet provides standard SSL encryption for the existing SSL enabled clients. These can be accessed by connecting to a different port using SSL. The ports will be listed in the MOTD section of each IRC server capable of SSL encryption. This provides full client to client encrypted communications.

I'm new to IRC where would I find help about the network and using mIRC?
We have a channel dedicated to helping members new to mIRC and who have questions about our network or just questions on how to get around with mIRC. While connected, in any window with a text field, type "/join #help". (Without the quotes.) Our channel operators there will be more then happy to assist you with your problems or concerns.

We hope this FAQ will help you understand the purpose of LinkNet and why it was created. Linknet offers a secure, stable, well maintained internet relay chat network open to all users who abide to simple policies aimed at keeping the network friendly and usable. The network was created by IRC users who wanted to see changes in today's current IRC networks. While security for the user was an initial goal, we also want to provide users the kind of friendly service and responsiveness you can't find on most of today's IRC networks. We not only want to make sure all of our users are happy with our service, but we also would like some feed back on your opinions or problems with our servers or network as a whole. Any questions, comments, complaints, and/or any suggestions about how we can make our network better is something we ask everyone to share. Without you we don't have a network, so making sure our users are happy is our main goal and concern. So, feel free to jump on our public forums and check out new posts daily and updated information about LinkNet. Thank you and happy IRC'ing!

-The LinkNet Committees

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