LinkNet IRC Network - AUP / TOS

v0.1 written by qip

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is traditionally an unmoderated medium. LinkNet is dedicated to protecting both the privacy of user communications and freedom of speech and expression. No monitoring of private communications will ever occur on this network. As a result of this fact, this network, its staff members and bandwidth providers are not responsible for the content that passes through it. For details, please visit and

No spamming, flooding, link looking, cloning or similarly abusive behavior is tolerated on this server. Abusive users will be reported to the appropriate authorities along with all pertinent information. We will cooperate with legal entities in accordance with United States and International legislation.

We allow no publishing of any logs obtained from any channel/room found on linknet irc network. This includes publishing to website, relay to other networks or by any other means making logs publicly accessible, and thereby violating our users/clients privacy. We, as a registered organization will pursue any violation of this AUP / TOS by taking legal action.

Special note regarding statistical services/bots; Statistical services/bots such as bot, which log no channel action, can obtain permission to gather information by contacting

If you do not agree to these terms, we respectfully ask you to find another IRC network.

-The LinkNet Committees

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